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In Pakistan, there are various institutes which are producing a large amount of money earning machines. There are only a few institutes which truly work for the betterment of students and society. Due to lack of guidance and grooming, the students do not know how to make their career or what opportunities can they avail. They are not aware of how to follow their passion and work with enthusiasm. There are many youngsters with strong imagination and creative minds but they lack proper opportunities and guidance. Being one of them, I know how it feels when there is no encouragement. I know what is the feeling of a writer when he don’t know what to write. I am aware of that situation when a student does not know what to study further. So, We took the step and Founded Gold Falcon Inc. A group of students and youth who can feel the problems of youth. We are working for the encouragement of the talents and abilities of youngsters of our society.

Gold Falcon Inc.


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My Pen, My Sword. The power of the “Qalam” (Pen) is greater than the power of sword.

Career Counseling

We provide free support to students of Matriculation and Intermediate regarding career development. If you have any query contact us.


Gold Falcon Inc. is a student based youth organization established in July 2012. At that time Gold Falcon Inc. was working for educational awareness and literature promotion by using social media and internet. Gold Falcon Inc. started working on social action project in March 2013 after a Workshop of British Council at Peshawar. It is a humanitarian based group that aims to bring about moral awareness primarily through lectures, literature, seminars, conferences and various events within the youth of Pakistan.



  • To aware youth about social, moral and economic affairs.
  • To support and encourage young Writers and Journalists.
  • To help students in their career development.
  • To bring positive awareness about Literature and Books.
  • To boost the confidence of youth and encourage their abilities.



Our vision is of a society in which everyone can follow their passion. Our vision is of a society in which students can select field of study of own choice. Our vision is of a society in which youth gets encouragement for their talents and achieve according to their potential.


Essay Contest 2018

At 11:30 pm
Gold Falcon Inc.

Freedom of Heart

At 11:00 am
Trail 3, Margalla Hills, Islamabad

Career Counseling Session at Kaddi Swabi

At 9:00 am
National Education Model School Kaddi Swabi

Session on Career Counseling at Gems

At 9:30 am
Guardian English Model School Zaida (Swabi)

Essay Contest 2015 | Win Rs. 10,000/.

At 12:00 am
Gold Falcon Inc.